Victoria "Torie" Senseny attended Moore College Of Art Design for 3D Fine Arts in 2004 to 2008. She has won awards, such as Philadelphia Sculptors Membership, International Sculptors Membership, and Mid-Wives Collective exhibition, during her years at Moore. She focused her sculptural work in welding and blacksmithing, but has since returned to working with clay and other mixed mediums. Torie enjoys creating work that invokes the imagination and story-telling. She resides in South Philadelphia.

 In 2012, her first doll series, The Dawn Conquerors, focused on animals indigenous to the United States and each one being from a city of the United Kingdom or Ireland. When creating her second doll series, The Stalwart Conquerors, in 2013, Torie decided to take a different route. They were designed to represent a fictional species, feli-orms (cat faces and worm bodies) residing in a fictional city, Shrooticia that would later become apart of the world written in her first book. The book is still a work in progress.

From January to May of 2015, she worked on a book series called: The Creatures Who Live in the Books. Taking hardback books, found at thrift stores, she cuts out the center of the book and inserts creatures that she has drawn with pencil. Torie is currently working on creating poseable creature dolls and taking Barbie dolls, giving them more anatomically correct torsos and turning them into mythical creatures. The Barbie Doll series are called: Renatus Dolls.